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Modern Mindful Therapy

Specialising in treatments for anxiety problems, depression,

self-esteem, perfectionism, trauma and anger

by Elliot Rose


Do you experience periods of low mood?

Do you get frustrated at yourself for your procrastination or lack motivation?

Do you have negative feelings or thoughts about yourself?

There are many different ways depression can manifest and sometimes it can be very subtle. If you experience feeling depressed almost daily, your depression may feel more problematic.  Don’t worry, you are not alone, depression is extremely common. 

Although it may not feel like it, depression is a protective response from our brain.  For some people depression may come and go. Others may experience depression over longer periods of time (we call that chronic depression).   Chronic depression may be mild (in the background) most of the time but flare-up from time-to-time more intensely.

Depression symptoms may include problems with concentration, low energy levels, problems with our sleep (sleeping too much or insomnia), or sex drive, and a change in your appetite (meaning an increase or decrease in the amount you eat) that can effect your weight.

For some, most commonly (but not exclusively) men, depression may be expressed as anger and irritability rather than sadness, especially if the person finds it difficult to express how they feel.

When we’re depressed we can feel lost and confused.  There may be a negative impact on our social and work life and we may experience a decrease in our performance or capacity to connect with others.

How I can help you with Depression

There’s no cookie-cutter approach when treating depression.  We’re all individuals and your depression treatment involves a keen eye to detect the right approach for you.   I will help you reconnect with yourself and the world around you, gain a more balanced perspective about how you see yourself and others. I will help you find the tools and strength to deal with your negative thoughts and enrich your positive experiences. I will help you recognise, and build on, your strengths and move you towards your goals and give your purpose once more. 

I can help you get control of depression

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    Elliot Rose Therapy

    Elliot Rose is a psychotherapist who uses a number of different therapeutic approaches to help people feel better and become the best that they can be. Elliot has spent many years helping people through the NHS and now teaches psychotherapy full-time at the Buckinghamshire New University.
    Elliot currently provides BABCP Accredited training for students heading towards  independent practice in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  Elliot also provides supervision and welcomes enquiries from existing therapists to help them with their practice.

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